Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Waiting for the Metrolink #610 from Los Angeles to pass. Visit the link for other My World Tuesday posts.


Jacob said...

You've certainly caught the ambiance of a large city! The red lights give the photo a certain zing!

Thanks for your comment re the "avatar." But you don't have to apologize for your camera - your photos are always first-rate!

Barb said...

I do a lot of biking, but even driving the bypass around LA makes me nervous!

T. Becque said...

This is neat, it gives a great perspective of what these busy streets look like. Gosh we have lots of signs on our roads, dont' we?!

frankdejol said...

Interesting shot !
A lot is happening and a lot is located in the frame.
I like this kind of photography.

Los Angeles Suburbia said...

This is a nice composition, and the cyclist adds emotion to this great photo of city life.