Monday, June 14, 2010

Monochrome Monday - Taste of Texas

This was a tractor parts store through the mid-1940s, and later became an auto parts store. It's been a restaurant since Nick's Taste of Texas moved here from a smaller location across town. The original front door seen here isn't used anymore; the new entrance is on the other side.

Seen in sepia for Monochrome Weekend.


Dragonstar said...

That's a building with quite a history - a good corner site too.

Jacob said...

It's rather amazing how buildings originally constructed to serve a specific purpose can be reconfigured in many different ways. The original purpose, however, is evident here in several places.

I just hope their meat doesn't taste like rubber!

frankdejol said...

I like mood on this photo and interesting short story.

Jacob said...

Dear Paula - I'd love to hear your "incisive political commentary," and yes, I take a camera everywhere, even into the examination room!

The folks in this photo had no idea their picture was being taken though. I'm very sneaky!

FYI - I tried to switch the channels on the TV after they left, which shut down the TV entirely! The office staff was not happy with me. Evidently, they have it locked into FAUX News!

T. Becque said...

We have some restaurants in buildings here that were at one time a Circle K. I always have a hard time with that atmosphere, I can still picture where the Twinkies were!

Louis la Vache said...

Being a native Texan, «Louis» wonders how authentic the taste is.